Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞGísl Búdr 10I/1 — réð

Ǫrum réð sér snǫrpum
— slíkt es raun gǫrpum —
flagð it forljóta
af fingrum skjóta.
Gerðisk grimmt fíkjum
at gumnum ríkjum
— gnýr vas hôr hlífa —
hregg ok loptdrífa.

It forljóta flagð réð skjóta snǫrpum ǫrum af fingrum sér; slíkt es raun gǫrpum. Fíkjum grimmt hregg ok loptdrífa gerðisk at ríkjum gumnum; gnýr hlífa vas hôr.

The very ugly troll-woman shot sharp arrows from her fingers; such is a trial for brave men. An extremely savage storm and sky-blizzard arose against the mighty men; the clash of shields [BATTLE] was loud.


[1, 4] réð skjóta ‘shot’: Réð is here taken as an auxiliary; if it has fuller meaning the sense is ‘contrived to shoot’. 



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