Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞGísl Búdr 2I/1 — harða ‘very’

Knúði hvasst harða
(hljópu marir barða)
hregg (á hefils vǫllum)
á humra fjǫllum.
Blô þó hrǫnn hlýrum;
hraut af brimdýrum
— kili skaut œst alda —
unnr in sviðkalda.

Hregg knúði harða hvasst á fjǫllum humra; marir barða hljópu á vǫllum hefils. Blô hrǫnn þó hlýrum; in sviðkalda unnr hraut af brimdýrum; œst alda skaut kili.

The storm pelted very sharply on the mountains of lobsters [SEA]; stallions of the stems [SHIPS] bounded across the plains of the clew-line [SEA]. The dark breaker washed prows; the singeing-cold billow dashed off the surf-animals [SHIPS]; the raging wave impelled the keel.



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