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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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RvHbreiðm Hl 67III/2 — peitu ‘of the spear’

Sveinn framði gný grimman
— guðr heitir svá — peitu;
hagl brast skóðs á Skǫglar
— skjǫld nefnik svá — tjaldi.
Sóknbjartar skar snyrtir
— sverð nefnik svá — ferðir;
hringr brá horskra drengja
— hjǫr nefnik svá — fjǫrvi.

Sveinn framði grimman gný peitu; guðr heitir svá; hagl skóðs brast á tjaldi Skǫglar; svá nefnik skjǫld. Snyrtir – svá nefnik sverð – skar sóknbjartar ferðir; hringr – svá nefnik hjǫr – brá fjǫrvi horskra drengja.

Sveinn performed a grim clamour of the spear [BATTLE]; battle is called thus; hail of the weapon [ARROWS] crashed against the tent of Skǫgul <valkyrie> [SHIELD]; thus I name the shield. The polished one – thus I name the sword – cut battle-cheerful companies; the ringed one – thus I name the sword – ended the life of wise warriors.


[2] peitu: ‘væitu’ papp25ˣ, R683ˣ


[2] peitu ‘of the spear’: Rugman again mistook <p> in peitu ‘spear’ for insular <v>. See Note to st. 18/6.




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