Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Nesv 2I/8 — saman ‘together’

Veitti sókn, þars sótti,
siklingr firum mikla
— blóð fell rautt á Róða
rein — í hǫfn at Sveini.
Snjallr helt at, sás olli,
eirlaust konungr, þeira,
en Sveins liðar, sínum,
saman bundu skip, fundi.

Siklingr veitti firum mikla sókn, þars sótti í hǫfn at Sveini; blóð fell rautt á rein Róða. Snjallr konungr, sás olli fundi þeira, helt at eirlaust sínum, en liðar Sveins bundu skip saman.

The king gave the men a great onslaught, where he advanced into the harbour against Sveinn; blood fell red on the strip of land of Róði <sea-king> [SEA]. The brave king, who brought about their encounter, steered on relentlessly with his [ships], and Sveinn’s supporters tied the ships together.


[8] saman: ‘samm‑’ R686ˣ


[8] bundu skip saman ‘tied the ships together’: Sea-battles were fought similarly to land-battles, with the combatants able to pursue the enemy from one ship to another (cf. Jesch 2001a, 211).



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