Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjsk Lv 6I/8 — stund ‘while’

Hvarf inn hildardjarfi
— hvat varð af Þorgarði? —
villumaðr á velli
vígdjarfr refilstíga.
Farit hefr Gautr at grjóti
gunnelds inn fjǫlkunni;
síðan mun hann í helju
hvílask stund ok mílu.

Inn hildardjarfi villumaðr, vígdjarfr, hvarf refilstíga á velli; hvat varð af Þorgarði? Inn fjǫlkunni Gautr gunnelds hefr farit at grjóti; síðan mun hann hvílask í helju stund ok mílu.

The battle-bold false one, slaughter-bold, vanished on secret paths on the plain; what became of Þorgarðr? The sorcerous Gautr <= Óðinn> of war-flame [SWORD > WARRIOR] has gone into the ground; now he will linger in Hell for a while and a bit.


[8] stund ok mílu ‘for a while and a bit’: Lit. ‘a while and a mile’. The single other skaldic attestation of míla f. ‘mile’ is in the C14th Anon Heil 13/4VII (cf. another parallel with Heil in Note to l. 3), and it is only otherwise known in late prose. The present stanza is therefore unlikely to date from the C10th.



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