Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjsk Jarl 1I/3 — af ‘for’

Þoku dregr upp it ýtra;
él festisk it vestra
(mǫkkr mun náms) af nøkkvi
(naðrbings kominn hingat).

Þoku dregr upp it ýtra; él festisk it vestra af nøkkvi; mǫkkr náms naðrbings mun kominn hingat.

Fog rises up on the outer side; a storm gathers in the west for some reason; the cloud from the taking of the adder-bed [GOLD] must have come this way.


[3] af: ‘a[...]’ 4867ˣ


[3] af nøkkvi ‘for some reason’: Kock (NN §318) thinks this adverbial phrase qualifies the final clause, in accordance with its position in the stanza, but the Text above, with Skj B, sees af nøkkvi as implying a question (what caused the fog and storm?) to which mǫkkr náms naðrbings is the answer (Skj B takes it with l. 1 rather than l. 2, as here).



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