Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Auðunn Lv 2I/1 — Stóðu ‘stood’

Stóðu vér und víðum
vindar tjǫlgu linda,
herkir hyrjar serkja;
hvé of vélti þat belti?
Þat hykk hrammfjǫturs hvǫttu
Hlǫkk; fannkat mey rakka
í barrskelfis bjalfa
bjúgs þá raman smjúga.

Stóðu vér und víðum linda tjǫlgu vindar, herkir hyrjar serkja; hvé of vélti belti þat? Hykk Hlǫkk hrammfjǫturs hvǫttu þat; fannkat rakka mey þá smjúga í raman bjalfa bjúgs barrskelfis.

We [I] stood beneath the broad girdle of the branch of the wind, giant of the fire of mail-shirts [SWORD > WARRIOR]; how did the ‘belt’ trick me? I think the Hlǫkk <valkyrie> of the arm-fetter [ARM-RING > WOMAN] encouraged that; I did not find the spirited woman creeping then into the strong hide of the bent pine needle shaker.


[1] Stóðu vér und víðum: ‘[…]’ Hb, Særðu vér und viðum 67aˣ, 67bˣ, 307ˣ, Stóðu vér und víðum HbFms n. p., HbSnE, HbFJ



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