Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hhal Lv 1I/7 — frægt ‘famous’

Hér liggr skald, þats skalda
skǫrungr vas mestr at flestu;
naddveiti frák nýtan
níð Hôkuni smíða.
Áðr gat engr né síðan
annarra svá manna
frægt hefr orðit þat fyrðum —
férán lokit hônum.

Hér liggr skald, þats vas mestr skǫrungr skalda at flestu; frák nýtan naddveiti smíða Hôkuni níð. Engr annarra manna gat áðr né síðan lokit hônum svá férán; þat hefr orðit frægt fyrðum.

Here lies the skald who was the greatest champion among skalds in most respects; I heard the handy spear-offerer [WARRIOR] crafted níð against Hákon. No other man managed before or since to pay him [Hákon] back so for robbery; that has become famous among men.



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