Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Knútdr 7I/6 — sás ‘which’

Knútr vas und himnum.
Hann austan frá,
fríðr fylkis niðr
fráneygr Dana.
Skreið vestan viðr
varrglæstr, sás bar
út andskota
Aðalráðs þaðan.

Knútr vas und himnum … Hann frá austan, fríðr, fráneygr niðr fylkis Dana. Varrglæstr viðr, sás bar andskota Aðalráðs út þaðan, skreið vestan.

Knútr was under the heavens … He learned [news] from the east, the handsome, bright-eyed descendant of the ruler of the Danes [= Sveinn > = Knútr]. The sea-splendid ship which carried the enemy of Æthelred [= Knútr] out from there glided from the west.


[6] sás (‘sa er’): er FskBˣ, DG8



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