Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 19I/1 — ræðr ‘rule’

ræðr þú fyr þeiri
(þik remmir goð miklu)
fold, es forðum heldu
fimm bragningar (gagni).
Breið eru austr til Eiða
ættlǫnd und þér; Gǫndlar
engr sat elda þrøngvir
áðr at slíku láði.

ræðr þú fyr þeiri fold, es fimm bragningar heldu forðum; goð remmir þik miklu gagni. Breið ættlǫnd eru und þér austr til Eiða; engr þrøngvir elda Gǫndlar sat áðr at slíku láði.

Now you rule over that land which five princes held previously; God strengthens you with a great victory. Broad ancestral lands lie under you eastwards to Eiðar; no forcer of the fires of Gǫndul <valkyrie> [SWORDS > WARRIOR] presided over such territory before.



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