Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 17I/1 — ljótu ‘with ill’

Lýtandi, hefr ljótu
lands rôðǫndum, branda,
umbstillingar allar,
ifla folds, of goldit.
Hafa lézt heiðska jǫfra,
herskorðandi, forðum,
mundangs laun, þás meinum,
mætr gramr, við þik sættu.

Lýtandi branda folds ifla, hefr of goldit ljótu rôðǫndum lands allar umbstillingar. Herskorðandi, mætr gramr, lézt heiðska jǫfra, þás forðum sættu meinum við þik, hafa laun mundangs.

Harmer of the flames of the land of the hawk [HAND > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = Óláfr], you have paid with ill the rulers of the land for all their plottings. Army-supporter [RULER], excellent ruler, you let the Hedmark princes who previously planned injuries against you receive an appropriate payment.


[1] ljótu: ljótum 61, ljótan Holm4, Flat, Tóm, ‘[...]tan’ 325VII


[1] ljótu (n. dat. sg.) ‘with ill’: The strong adj. ljótr ‘ugly, bad’, used substantivally.



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