Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 16I/7 — jarl ‘the jarl’

Blágjóða, tókt, bræðir
bengjalfrs, ok þá sjalfa,
skatti gnœgðr, með skreyttu
skeið Hôkonar reiði.
Ungr sóttir þú, Þróttar
þings mágrennir, hingat,
(máttit jarl) þaus ôttuð,
áttlǫnd (fyr því standa).

Bræðir blágjóða bengjalfrs, gnœgðr skatti, tókt skeið Hôkonar með skreyttu reiði ok þá sjalfa. Þróttar þings mágrennir, þú sóttir ungr áttlǫnd hingat, þaus ôttuð; jarl máttit standa fyr því.

Feeder of the dark ospreys of the wound-sea [BLOOD > RAVENS/EAGLES > WARRIOR = Óláfr], replete with tribute, you captured the warship of Hákon with [its] ornamented tackle, and the men themselves. Feeder of the gull of the assembly of Þróttr <= Óðinn> [(lit. ‘gull-feeder of the assembly of Þróttr’) BATTLE > RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIOR = Óláfr], you sought [when] young your ancestral lands here, which you owned; the jarl could not stand in the way of that.



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