Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 7I/2 — flotna ‘of seafarers’

Gildir, komt at gjaldi
gotneskum her, flotna;
þorðut þér at varða
þjóðlǫnd firar rǫndu.
Rann, en maðr of minna
margr býr of þrek (varga
hungr frák austr) an yngvi,
Eysýslu lið (þeyja).

Gildir flotna, komt gotneskum her at gjaldi; firar þorðut at varða þér þjóðlǫnd rǫndu. Lið Eysýslu rann, en margr maðr býr of minna of þrek an yngvi; frák hungr varga þeyja austr.

Supporter of seafarers [RULER], you forced the Gotland host to [pay] tribute; the men did not dare to defend the nation’s lands against you with the shield. The people of Saaremaa ran, and many a man possesses less courage than the king; I heard the hunger of the wolves to be diminished in the east.


[2] flotna: flótta Flat




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