Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 4I/6 — stundum ‘sometimes’

Ǫttuð ôrum skreyttum
austr í salt með flaustum;
bôruð lind af landi,
landvǫrðr, á skip randir.
Neyttuð segls, ok sættuð
sundvarpaði stundum;
sleit mjǫk róin mikla
mǫrg ôr und þér bôru.

Ǫttuð skreyttum ôrum með flaustum austr í salt; landvǫrðr, bôruð lind af landi, randir á skip. Neyttuð segls, ok sættuð stundum sundvarpaði; mǫrg mjǫk róin ôr sleit mikla bôru und þér.

You urged decorated oars alongside the ships east on the salt sea; land-guardian [RULER], you carried the linden-shield from the land, shields onto the ships. You made use of the sail and sometimes deployed the sea-thrower [OAR]; many a much-rowed oar cut the great swell beneath you.


[6] stundum: so all others, corrected from ‘stundo’ in a later hand


[6] stundum ‘sometimes’: The adv. could be taken with either or both of the verbs in ll. 5-6: neyttuð ‘you made use of’ and sættuð ‘you deployed’ (as here). 



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