Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 25I/5 — drótt ‘The retinue’

Náði jǫrð ept orðna
Eirekr þrimu geira;
hans rôðum varð hlýða
hverr brimrǫðuls þverrir.
Hnípði drótt ok drúpði,
— dǫpr þjóð vas þar — Fróða,
fold, þanns flest gaf hauldum
fagrbygg, of son Tryggva.

Eirekr náði jǫrð ept orðna þrimu geira; hverr þverrir brimrǫðuls varð hlýða rôðum hans. Drótt hnípði ok fold drúpði of son Tryggva, þanns gaf hauldum flest fagrbygg Fróða; þjóð vas dǫpr þar.

Eiríkr gained the land after the uproar of spears [BATTLE] was done; every diminisher of the surf-sun [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] had to heed his advice. The retinue was dejected and the land drooped over the son of Tryggvi [= Óláfr], who gave men most beautiful barley of Fróði <legendary king> [GOLD]; the people were downcast there.



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