Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 23I/4 — undir ‘under’

Ok andvǫnum Endils
ítrskíð á dreif síðan
sann-Njǫrðungum seima
sveif hundruðum undir,
svát glójarðar gerði
Gylfa skíðs of víði
— búkr hné margr fyr mæki —
meinfœrt of lǫg hreinum.

Ok andvǫnum sann-Njǫrðungum seima sveif síðan hundruðum á dreif undir ítrskíð Endils, svát gerði meinfœrt of víði hreinum glójarðar skíðs Gylfa of lǫg; margr búkr hné fyr mæki.

And life-lacking true Njǫrðungar <gods> of gold [MEN] drifted afterwards in hundreds, scattered under the glorious ski of Endill <sea-king> [SHIP], so that it made the going dangerous across the ocean for reindeer of the gleaming earth of the ski of Gylfi <sea-king> [SHIP > SEA > SHIPS] across the sea; many a body fell before the sword.



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