Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 16I/2 — af ‘off’

Hreinbyggvir lét hǫggva
hrófs af mǫrgum þjófi,
hinns of hvert ráð kunni,
hendr eða fœtr, at bœta.
Horvetna lét hjǫrva
hríðeflǫndum víða
austr, þeims unnu lǫstu,
ósið jǫfurr kviðjat.

Hrófs hreinbyggvir, hinns kunni at bœta of hvert ráð, lét hendr eða fœtr hǫggva af mǫrgum þjófi. Horvetna austr lét jǫfurr kviðjat ósið víða hjǫrva hríðeflǫndum, þeims unnu lǫstu.

The occupant of the reindeer of the boatshed [(lit. ‘reindeer-occupant of the boatshed’) SHIP > SEAFARER], the one who could reform every state of life, had hands or feet chopped off many a thief. Everywhere in the east the prince had immorality banned far and wide for strengtheners of the storm of swords [(lit. ‘storm-strengtheners of swords’) BATTLE > WARRIORS] who practised vice.



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