Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 14I/3 — braut ‘destroyed’

Eigum (langa lœgis)
liðrœkjanda frœknum
(hyrstríðir braut heiðni)
hjalmraunar þat launa.
Hrings hefr þarfastr þengill
þrymdraugum sá bauga
— herr nýtr hodda þverris —
hingat norðr of orðit.

Lœgis hyrstríðir braut langa heiðni; eigum launa frœknum hjalmraunar liðrœkjanda þat. Sá hefr of orðit þarfastr þengill bauga hrings þrymdraugum hingat norðr; herr nýtr þverris hodda.

The opponent of the fire of the sea [(lit. ‘fire-opponent of the sea’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] destroyed longstanding heathendom; we have to repay the valiant carer of the snake of helmet-trial [(lit. ‘snake-carer of helmet-trial’) BATTLE > SWORD > WARRIOR] for that. He has become the most useful lord for logs of the din of the disk of shield-rings [(lit. ‘din-logs of the disk of shield-rings’) SHIELD > BATTLE > WARRIORS] up here in the north; the people benefit from the diminisher of hoards [GENEROUS MAN].


[3] braut ‘destroyed’: On the placing of the verb, see Introduction.



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