Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (ÓTHkr) 1I/3 — Vinða ‘the Wends’

Þás sparn á mó Maurnis
morðkunnr Haraldr sunnan,
vas þá Vinða myrðir
vax eitt, í ham faxa;
en bergsalar Birgir
bǫndum rækr í landi
— þat sá ǫld — í jǫldu
óríkr fyrir líki.

Þás morðkunnr Haraldr sparn á mó Maurnis sunnan í ham faxa, vas myrðir Vinða þá vax eitt, en óríkr Birgir, rækr bǫndum bergsalar í landi, fyrir í líki jǫldu; ǫld sá þat.

When the battle-famed Haraldr kicked against the heath of Maurnir [?] from the south in the form of a stallion, the killer of the Wends [DANISH KING = Haraldr] was then nothing but wax; and the powerless Birgir, deserving to be driven out by the deities of the rock-hall [GIANTS] in the land, [was] in front in the shape of a mare; people saw that.


[3] Vinða: ‘vanþa’ J1ˣ


[2, 3] morðkunnr; myrðir Vinða ‘battle-famed; the killer of the Wends [DANISH KING = Haraldr]’: The praise may be ironic, jibing at the Danes’ failure to overcome the Wends (Hkr 1893-1901, IV; Almqvist 1965-74, I, 182-4).




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