Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Liðs 3I/4 — sás ‘who’

Þollr mun glaums of grímu
gjarn síðarla arna
randar skóð at rjóða
rœðinn, sás mey fœðir.
Berr eigi sá sveigir
sára lauks í ári
reiðr til Rínar glóða
rǫnd upp á Englandi.

Rœðinn þollr glaums, sás fœðir mey, mun gjarn síðarla arna at rjóða skóð randar of grímu. Sá sveigir lauks sára berr eigi rǫnd, reiðr, upp á Englandi í ári til glóða Rínar.

The talkative pine-tree of revelry [MAN] who brings up the maiden will gladly [lit. glad] rush tardily to redden the harm of the shield [SWORD] in darkness. That brandisher of the leek of wounds [SWORD > WARRIOR] does not carry the shield, enraged, up into England in a hurry, for the embers of the Rhine [GOLD].



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