Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hár Lv 1I/1 — Ráðit ‘resolved’

Ráðit hefk at ríða
Rínleygs heðan mínum
láðs dynmari, leiðar,
lǫngum, heldr an ganga,
þótt leggfjǫturs liggi
lundr í Eyrarsundi
— kann þjóð kerski minni —
Knútr herskipum úti.

Hefk ráðit at ríða heðan lǫngum dynmari láðs Rínleygs mínum, heldr an ganga leiðar, þótt lundr leggfjǫturs, Knútr, liggi herskipum úti í Eyrarsundi; þjóð kann kerski minni.

I have resolved to ride from here my long resounding steed of the land of Rhine-flame [GOLD > SEA > SHIP], rather than to walk on my way, though the grove of the limb-fetter [ARM-RING > MAN], Knútr, may lie with warships out in the Øresund; people know my spirit.


[1] Ráðit: ‘Raþto’ 68



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