Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eindr Lv 1I/1 — fúra ‘of flames’

Mér kom (mundar fúra)
meyjar hold í eyju
(fátt segir Freyr it réttra)
fjarri allt nema varrar.
En, sás oss vill kenna,
atgeirs, af því fleira,
Baldr (mun sjá til sjaldan)
segi allvesall (þegja).

Hold meyjar kom fjarri mér í eyju, allt nema varrar; Freyr fúra mundar segir fátt it réttra. En Baldr atgeirs, sás vill kenna oss fleira af því, segi allvesall; sjá mun til sjaldan þegja.

The maiden’s flesh came nowhere near [lit. far from] me on the island, all except the lips; the Freyr <god> of flames of the hand [GOLD > MAN = Eindriði] says few things more true. But may the Baldr <god> of the halberd [WARRIOR] who wants to accuse us [me] further about that speak completely wretched; this man [the accuser] will too seldom be silent.




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