Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þrándr Kredda 1I/6 — sjau ‘seven’

Gangat ek einn út;
fjórir mér fylgja         fimm goðs englar.
Berk bœn fyr mér,         bœn fyr Kristi;
syng ek salma sjau;         séi goð hluta minn.

Ek gangat út einn; fjórir, fimm englar goðs fylgja mér. Berk bœn fyr mér, bœn fyr Kristi; ek syng sjau salma; goð séi hluta minn.

I do not go out alone; four, five angels of God accompany me. I speak a prayer for myself, a prayer before Christ; I sing seven psalms; may God watch over my lot.



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