Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vígf Lv 1I/4 — vandar ‘of the rod’

Oss es leikr, en lauka
liggr heima vinr feimu,
— þryngr at Viðris veðri
vandar — góðr fyr hǫndum.
Hlýs kveðk hœlis bósa
— hann væntir sér annars —
vífs und vǫrmum bœgi
— vér skreytum spjǫr — neyta.

Góðr leikr es fyr hǫndum oss, en vinr feimu lauka liggr heima; þryngr at veðri vandar Viðris. Kveðk bósa neyta hlýs hœlis und vǫrmum bœgi vífs; hann væntir sér annars; vér skreytum spjǫr.

Good sport is at hand for us [me], but the friend of the lady of leeks [WOMAN] lies around at home; [events] press towards the storm of the rod of Viðrir <= Óðinn> [SWORD > BATTLE]. I declare the womaniser enjoys cosy refuge under the warm arm of the woman; he expects something different; we [I] polish [my] spear.


[4] vandar: vǫndr 510



case: gen.


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