Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þskúm Lv 1I/2 — gerva ‘readied’

Hefk í hendi         til hǫfuðs gerva
beinbrot Búa         bǫl Sigvalda
vô víkinga         vǫrn Hôkunar.
Sjá skal verða,         ef vér lifum,
eikikylfa         óþǫrf Dǫnum.

Hefk í hendi gerva til hǫfuðs beinbrot Búa, bǫl Sigvalda, vô víkinga, vǫrn Hôkunar. Sjá eikikylfa skal verða óþǫrf Dǫnum, ef vér lifum.

I have in my hand readied against heads [lit. to the head] the bone-breaker of Búi, the ruin of Sigvaldi, the woe of vikings, the defence of Hákon. This oaken club shall prove unhelpful to the Danes, if we [I] live.



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