Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hák 6I/6 — ruðu ‘reddened’

Trǫddusk tǫrgur         fyr Týs of bauga
hjalta harðfótum         hausar Norðmanna.
Róma varð í eyju;         ruðu konungar
skírar skjaldborgir         í skatna blóði.

Tǫrgur, hausar Norðmanna trǫddusk fyr harðfótum hjalta Týs of bauga. Róma varð í eyju; konungar ruðu skírar skjaldborgir í blóði skatna.

Shields [and] Norwegians’ skulls were trampled under the hard feet of hilts [SWORDS] of the Týr <god> of rings [MAN]. Battle arose on the island; kings reddened gleaming shield-fortresses in the blood of men.



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