Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Eirm 4I/3 — vitir ‘know’

‘Heimsku mæla *         skalat inn horski Bragi,
        þó at þú vel hvat vitir:
fyr Eireki glymr,         es hér mun inn koma
        jǫfurr í Óðins sali.

‘Inn horski Bragi skalat mæla * heimsku, þó at þú vitir vel hvat: glymr fyr Eireki, es mun koma hér inn, jǫfurr í sali Óðins.

‘The wise Bragi must not talk nonsense, though you know well why: the clangour is made for Eiríkr, who must be coming in here, a prince into Óðinn’s residence.



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