Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Eirm 1I/3 — ryðja ‘I was preparing’

‘Hvat es þat drauma *,         es ek hugðumk fyr dag lítlu
Valhǫll ryðja         fyr vegnu folki?
Vakða ek einherja,         bað ek upp rísa
bekki at stráa,         borðker at leyðra,
valkyrjur vín bera,         sem vísi komi.

‘Hvat es þat drauma *, es ek hugðumk lítlu fyr dag ryðja Valhǫll fyr vegnu folki? Vakða ek einherja, bað ek rísa upp at stráa bekki, at leyðra borðker, valkyrjur bera vín, sem vísi komi.

‘What kind of dream is this, that I thought that a little before daybreak I was preparing Valhǫll for a slain army? I awakened the einherjar, I asked them to get up to strew the benches, to rinse the drinking cups, [I asked] valkyries to bring wine, as if a leader should come.


[3] ryðja: riði 301ˣ, at ryðja W



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