Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 23I/2 — heimsku ‘the fool’

‘At hundi elskar Andaðr         ok heimsku drýgir
eyrnalausum         ok jǫfur hlœgir.
Hinir eru ok aðrir,         es of eld skulu
        brennanda spôn bera;
logǫndum húfum         hafa sér und linda drepit
        hældræpir halir.’

‘Andaðr elskar at eyrnalausum hundi ok drýgir heimsku ok hlœgir jǫfur. Hinir eru ok aðrir, es skulu bera brennanda spôn of eld; hældræpir halir hafa drepit logǫndum húfum und linda sér.’

‘Andaðr fondles an earless dog, and he plays the fool and makes the king laugh. There are also others whose practice is to pass a burning wood-chip across a fire; those men who deserve kicking have tucked blazing caps under their belts.’


[2] drýgir heimsku ‘he plays the fool’: Lit. ‘practises folly’. 



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