Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 14I/3 — heinversku ‘from Hedmark’

‘Hafnaði Holmrygjum         ok Hǫrða meyjum,
hverri inni heinversku         ok Hǫlga ættar
konungr inn kynstóri,         es tók konu ina dǫnsku.’

‘Inn kynstóri konungr, es tók ina dǫnsku konu, hafnaði Holmrygjum ok meyjum Hǫrða, hverri inni heinversku ok ættar Hǫlga.’

‘The high-born king [Haraldr] who took the Danish wife rejected the Hólmrygir and the maidens of the Hǫrðar, every single one from Hedmark and of the family of Hǫlgi.’


[3] heinversku: heinverskum Bb, hœversku 325IX 1 bˣ, Flat(6ra), hvinversku Flat(77ra)



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