Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 13I/7 — dreyra* ‘of the slain’

‘Annat skulu þær eiga,         ambáttir Ragnhildar,
dísir dramblátar,         at drykkjumôlum,
an ér séð hergaupur,         es Haraldr hafi
sveltar valdreyra*,         en verar þeira bræði.

‘Þær skulu eiga annat, ambáttir Ragnhildar, dramblátar dísir, at drykkjumôlum, an ér séð hergaupur, es Haraldr hafi sveltar valdreyra*, en verar þeira bræði.

‘They shall have other things, Ragnhildr’s ladies-in-waiting, haughty women, for chatter over drink, than that you should see war-lynxes [WOLVES] which Haraldr has starved of the blood of the slain, while their men-folk feed [the wolves].


[7] ‑dreyra*: ‑dreyrar Flat


[7] valdreyra* ‘the blood of the slain’: A minor emendation. Jón Helgason (1968, 18) suggests the possibility of inserting at before this word, on the model of hann svelti menn at mat ‘he starved people of food’. Möbius (1860) reads valdreyrgar ‘slain-bloody’ (i.e. covered with the blood of the slain), qualifying hergaupur ‘war-lynxes’.



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