Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 5I/8 — tjǫldum ‘awnings’

‘Kunna hugða ek þik konung myndu,         þann es á Kvinnum býr,
dróttin Norðmanna;         djúpum ræðr hann kjólum,
roðnum rǫndum         ok rauðum skjǫldum,
tjǫrgum ôrum         ok tjǫldum drifnum.

‘Hugða ek þik myndu kunna konung, þann es býr á Kvinnum, dróttin Norðmanna; hann ræðr djúpum kjólum, roðnum rǫndum ok rauðum skjǫldum, tjǫrgum ôrum ok drifnum tjǫldum.

‘I thought you would recognise the king, the one who lives at Kvinnar, lord of Norwegians [NORWEGIAN KING = Haraldr]; he commands deep ships, reddened shield-rims and red shields, tarred oars and foam-spattered awnings.


[8] tjǫldum drifnum: drifnum skjǫldum FskAˣ, 52ˣ, 301ˣ


[8] tjǫldum ‘awnings’: When ships were in harbour, awnings or ‘tents’ were erected on board to provide shelter (see Falk 1912, 10-13; Jesch 2001a, 154, 164-5).



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