Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 2I/2 — þekkir ‘pleasing’

Vitr þóttisk valkyrja;         verar né óru þekkir
feimu inni framsóttu,         es fugls rǫdd kunni.
Kvaddi in kverkhvíta         ok in glæ*hvarma
Hymis hausreyti,         es sat á horni of bjarga.

Valkyrja þóttisk vitr; verar né óru þekkir inni framsóttu feimu, es kunni rǫdd fugls. In kverkhvíta ok in glæ*hvarma kvaddi hausreyti Hymis, es sat á horni of bjarga.

The valkyrie thought herself wise; men were not pleasing to the aggressive maid, who understood the voice of the bird. The white-throated and the bright-eyelashed one greeted the skull-picker of Hymir <giant> [RAVEN], which sat on the edge of a cliff.



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