Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Hhárf) 1I/1 — gaf ‘gave’

Hann gaf Tréskegg trollum;
Torf-Einarr drap Skurfu.

Hann gaf Tréskegg trollum; Torf-Einarr drap Skurfu.

He gave Tréskegg (‘Wood-beard’) to the trolls; Torf-Einarr (Turf-Einarr) killed Skurfa (‘the Scabby’).


[1] Hann gaf: þá gaf hann , F, J1ˣ, J2ˣ


[1] gaf Tréskegg trollum ‘gave Tréskegg (“Wood-beard”) to the trolls’: One of many instances, in prose and poetry, of this and related idioms (e.g. Anon (Gr) 1V (Gr 2), in which the named victim is Tréfótr ‘Wood-leg’). The sense is usually of killing, or wishing death upon a despised enemy, and the curse troll taki/hafi þik ‘may the trolls take/have you’ is particularly common (see further Note to ÞjóðA Sex 20/6, 7, 8II). The troll (or trǫll) is a monster or a hostile giant, a favourite target of the god Þórr (cf. Vsp 40/8; SnE 2005, 35).



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