Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞSjár Róðdr 1I/4 — ǫðling ‘ruler’

Átti Egða dróttinn
Ôleifr þrimu stála
við ágætan Jóta
ǫðling, þanns klýfr hringa.
Skaut nær skarpt at móti
Skônunga gramr hônum;
Sveins vasa sonr at reyna
slær; þaut ulfr of hrævi.

Ôleifr, dróttinn Egða, átti þrimu stála við ágætan ǫðling Jóta, þanns klýfr hringa. Gramr Skônunga skaut nær skarpt at móti hônum; sonr Sveins vasa slær at reyna; ulfr þaut of hrævi.

Óláfr, lord of the Egðir [NORWEGIAN KING], had a clash of swords [BATTLE] with the splendid ruler of the Jótar [DANISH KING = Knútr], who cleaves rings. The sovereign of the Skônungar [DANISH KING = Knútr] shot rather sharply against him; the son of Sveinn [= Knútr] was not weak to test; the wolf howled over carrion.


[4] ǫðling: ǫðlingr 75c




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