Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hfr ErfÓl 26aI/5 — breiðan ‘the broad’

Hefk, þanns hverjum jǫfri
heiptfíknum varð ríkri
und niðbyrði Norðra
norðr, goðfǫður orðinn.
Bíða munk, þess’s breiðan
barðmána vann skarðan,
margaukanda mækis
móts aldrigi bótir.

Hefk orðinn goðfǫður, þanns varð ríkri hverjum heiptfíknum jǫfri norðr und Norðra niðbyrði. Munk aldrigi bíða bótir margaukanda móts mækis, þess’s vann breiðan barðmána skarðan.

I have lost a godfather who was mightier than every strife-greedy prince in the north under the burden of the kin of Norðri <dwarf> [(lit. ‘kin-burden of Norðri’) DWARFS > SKY]. I will never experience compensation for the much-increaser of the meeting of the sword [BATTLE > WARRIOR] who hacked the broad prow-moon [SHIELD].




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