Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 24II/3 — frægr ‘the renowned’

Erlingr gekk, þars okkur,
ógnsterkr, ruðusk merki,
frægr með fremð ok sigri
fleinlundr at drómundi.
Hlóðum vér, en víða
vas blóð numit þjóðum,
— sverð ruðu snjallir fyrðar
snǫrp — blámanna gǫrpum.

Erlingr, frægr fleinlundr, gekk ógnsterkr at drómundi með fremð ok sigri, þars merki okkur ruðusk. Vér hlóðum gǫrpum blámanna, en blóð vas víða numit þjóðum; snjallir fyrðar ruðu snǫrp sverð.

Erlingr, the renowned spear-tree [WARRIOR], went, threateningly strong, towards the dromon with success and victory, where our standards were reddened. We piled up the heroes of the black men, and blood was widely taken from the people; valiant men reddened sharp swords.



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