Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 22II/7 — sundi ‘the strait’

Vindr hefr vǫlsku sprundi
vetrarstund frá mundum
— út berum ás at beita —
austrœnn skotit flaustum.
Verðum vér at gyrða
vánar hart fyr Spáni
— vindr rekr snart at sundi
Sviðris við rô miðja.

Austrœnn vindr hefr vetrarstund skotit flaustum frá mundum vǫlsku sprundi; berum út ás at beita. Vér verðum at gyrða við miðja rô Sviðris vánar hart fyr Spáni; vindr rekr snart at sundi.

The east wind has, in a winter’s hour, shot the vessels out from the hands of the French woman; we bring out the boom in order to tack. We will have to fasten [the sail] to the middle of the yard-arm of Sviðrir <= Óðinn> [TREE] quite firmly off the coast of Spain; the wind drives [the ship] briskly to the strait.



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