Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 20II/2 — skjótt ‘swiftly’

Vôn ák — út á Spáni
vas skjótt rekinn flótti —
— flýði margr af mœði
menlundr — konu fundar.
Því erum vér, at vôru*
væn hljóð kveðin þjóðum,
— valr tók vǫll at hylja —
verðir Ermingerðar.

Ák vôn fundar konu; flótti vas rekinn skjótt út á Spáni; margr menlundr flýði af mœði. Því erum vér verðir Ermingerðar, at væn hljóð vôru* kveðin þjóðum; valr tók at hylja vǫll.

I have hopes of meeting the woman; the fleeing host was chased swiftly out in Spain; many a neck-ring tree [MAN] fled because of exhaustion. This is why we are worthy of Ermingerðr, because beautiful sounds were spoken to people; corpses began to cover the field.



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