Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 18II/5 — gerik ‘I make’

Muna munk jól, þaus ólum
austr gjaldkera hraustum,
Ullr, at Egða fjǫllum,
undleygs, með Sǫlmundi.
gerik enn of ǫnnur
jafnglaðr, sem vask þaðra,
sverðs at sunnanverðum
svarm kastala barmi.

Ullr undleygs, munk muna jól, þaus ólum austr at Egða fjǫllum með Sǫlmundi, hraustum gjaldkera. Nú, jafnglaðr, sem vask þaðra, gerik enn of ǫnnur svarm sverðs at sunnanverðum barmi kastala.

Ullr <god> of the wound-flame [SWORD > WARRIOR], I will remember the Christmases when we entertained in the east beside Agder’s mountains with Sǫlmundr, the valorous steward. Now, just as glad as I was there, I make, once again, throughout another [Christmas], a swarm of the sword [BATTLE] at the southern perimeter of the castle.



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