Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 16II/1 — Orð ‘the words’

Orð skal Ermingerðar
ítr drengr muna lengi;
brúðr vill rǫkk, at ríðim
Ránheim til Jórðánar.
Enn, es aptr fara runnar
unnviggs of haf sunnan,
rístum, heim at hausti,
hvalfrón til Nerbónar.

Ítr drengr skal muna orð Ermingerðar lengi; rǫkk brúðr vill, at ríðim Ránheim til Jórðánar. Enn rístum hvalfrón til Nerbónar, es runnar unnviggs fara aptr, heim at hausti, sunnan of haf.

The outstanding warrior will remember the words of Ermingerðr for a long time; the stately lady wants us to ride Rán’s <sea-goddess’s> world [SEA] to the Jordan. We will carve the whale-country [SEA] to Narbonne again, when the trees of the wave-horse [SHIP > SEAFARERS] travel back, home in the autumn, from the south across the sea.



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