Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 11II/1 — Einarr ‘Einarr’

Ala kvezk Einarr vilja
engan Rǫgnvalds drengja
— mér kemr Gauts á góma
gjalfr — nema jarlinn sjalfan.
Veitk, at hratzk í heitum
hugþekkr firum ekki;
inn gekk, Yggs þars brunnu
eldar síð á kveldi.

Einarr kvezk vilja ala engan drengja Rǫgnvalds nema jarlinn sjalfan; gjalfr Gauts kemr á góma mér. Veitk, at ekki hugþekkr firum hratzk í heitum; gekk inn, þars eldar Yggs brunnu síð á kveldi.

Einarr said that he wished to entertain none of the followers of Rǫgnvaldr except the jarl himself; the roaring sea of Gautr <= Óðinn> [POETRY] comes to my palate. I know that [the one] not amiable to men overturned his promises; I went in where the fires of Yggr <= Óðinn> [SWORDS] burned late in the evening.



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