Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigm Lv 1II/2 — orð ‘words’

Ér berið aptr, es várar,
orð þau Skǫgul borða
fjallrifs fægiþellu
fleyvangs til Orkneyja,
at engr, þars slǫg sungu,
seggr und kastals veggi,
ár, þótt ellri væri,
ítr drengr framar gengi.

Berið ér aptr, es várar, fleyvangs til Orkneyja, þau orð Skǫgul borða, fægiþellu fjallrifs, at engr seggr, ítr drengr, þótt væri ellri, gengi framar und veggi kastals, þars slǫg sungu ár.

Carry back, when it is spring, across the ship-plain [SEA] to the Orkneys, these words to the Skǫgul <valkyrie> of the trimming [WOMAN], the polishing fir-tree of the mountain rib [STONE > WOMAN], that no man, splendid fellow, even if he were older, went further forward under the wall of the castle where weapons sang early.



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