Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Oddi Lv 3II/4 — sjau ‘seven’

Hafði hollvinr lofða,
hinns mjǫð drekkr inni
sunda logs með sveigi,
sjau dœgr muni hœgri.
En ríklundaðr renndi
Rǫgnvaldr með lið skjaldat
hesti halli glæstum
hlunns at Nǫrvasundum.

Hollvinr lofða, hinns drekkr mjǫð inni með sveigi logs sunda, hafði sjau dœgr muni hœgri. En ríklundaðr Rǫgnvaldr renndi hesti hlunns, glæstum halli, með skjaldat lið, at Nǫrvasundum.

The loyal friend of men [I, the poet], who drinks mead indoors with the bender of the fire of straits [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = Rǫgnvaldr], has had seven considerably more comfortable days. And mighty-spirited Rǫgnvaldr ran the horse of the roller [SHIP], adorned with paint, with a shield-equipped troop, to the Straits of Gibraltar.


[4] sjau: sex R702ˣ


[4] sjau dœgr ‘seven days’: The prose context specifies that the sailors lay at anchor for three days to sit out a storm (ÍF 34, 219) but gives no further details about the length of their journey past Spain. The comp. contrasts the journey with unspecified periods of seven days in the past which were more comfortable.



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