Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Oddi Lv 2II/3 — veit ‘know’

Trautt erum vér, sem ek vætti,
verðir Ermingerðar,
veitk, at horsk má heita
hlaðgrund konungr sprunda —
þvít sómir Bil bríma
bauga stalls at ǫllu
— hon lifi sæl und sólar
setri — miklu betra.

Vér erum trautt verðir Ermingerðar, sem ek vætti—veitk, at horsk hlaðgrund má heita konungr sprunda—, þvít at ǫllu miklu betra sómir Bil bríma stalls bauga; hon lifi sæl und setri sólar.

We are hardly worthy of Ermingerðr, as I expect—I know that the wise headband-ground [WOMAN] can be called a king among women—, because [something] altogether much better befits the Bil <goddess> of the flame of the standing-place of rings [ARM/HAND > GOLD > WOMAN]; may she live blessed under the seat of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN].



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