Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Hardr 4II/7 — ǫðlingr ‘the noble one’

Gekkat Sveinn af snekkju
saklaust inn forhrausti
— malmr kom harðr við hjalma —
— hugi minn es þat — sinni.
Farskostr hlaut at fljóta
fljótmælts vinar Jóta,
áðr an ǫðlingr flýði,
auðr, frá verðung dauðri.

Inn forhrausti Sveinn gekkat saklaust af snekkju sinni; þat es hugi minn; malmr kom harðr við hjalma. Farskostr fljótmælts vinar Jóta hlaut at fljóta auðr, áðr an ǫðlingr flýði frá dauðri verðung.

The very brave Sveinn did not go without cause from his warship; that is my thought; steel struck hard on helmets. The choice vessel of the swift-spoken friend of the Jótar [DANISH KING = Sveinn] was fated to float unmanned, before the noble one fled from his dead retinue.



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