Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Hardr 3II/2 — skeiðir ‘the warships’

Hrauð, sás hvergi flýði,
heiðmærr Dana skeiðir
glaðr und golli roðnum,
geirjalm, konungr hjalmi.
Skjaldborg raufsk, en skúfar
— skaut hoddglǫtuðr oddum
bragna brynjur gǫgnum
buðlungr — of ná sungu.

Heiðmærr konungr, sás hvergi flýði geirjalm, hrauð glaðr und golli roðnum hjalmi skeiðir Dana. Skjaldborg raufsk, en skúfar sungu of ná; hoddglǫtuðr, buðlungr, skaut oddum gǫgnum brynjur bragna.

The bright-renowned king, who nowhere fled spear-clangour [BATTLE], cleared, glad under gold-reddened helmet, the warships of the Danes. The shield-wall shattered, and swords sang out over corpses; the hoard-destroyer [GENEROUS RULER], the monarch, shot spear-points through the mail-coats of warriors.


[2] skeiðir: skeiðar Flat



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