Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Þorfdr 15II/2 — jarla ‘among jarls’

Nemi drótt, hvé sæ sótti
snarlyndr konungr jarla;
eigi þraut við ægi
ofvægjan gram bægja.

Drótt nemi, hvé snarlyndr konungr jarla sótti sæ; eigi þraut ofvægjan gram bægja við ægi.

Let the retinue take in how the quick-mettled king among jarls made out to sea; there was no end to the over-powering lord striving against the ocean.


[2] snarlyndr konungr jarla: abbrev. as ‘s. s. k. j.’ C


[2] konungr jarla ‘king among jarls’: (a) Cf. konungr sprunda ‘king among women’, Oddi Lv 2/4, and the synonymous konungr vífa, referring to Mary, Anon Mdr 5/2VII. (b) To take drótt jarla ‘jarl’s retinue’ (ll. 1, 2) as a unit would leave konungr ‘king’ as a designation for Þorfinnr, but that would be inappropriate. It is not clear from Snorri’s first citation (Context above) whether he had gramr ‘(fierce) lord’ (l. 4) in mind, or konungr, and if konungr, whether alone or qualified by jarla.



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