Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Þorfdr 1II/4 — jarls ‘jarl’

Nú hykk slíðrhugaðs segja
— síð léttir mér stríða —
(þýtr Alfǫður) ýtum
jarls kostu (brim hrosta).

Nú hykk segja ýtum kostu slíðrhugaðs jarls; síð léttir mér stríða; brim hrosta Alfǫður þýtr.

Now I mean to tell men of the excellence of the tough-minded jarl; not soon [lit. late] will my anguish lighten; the surf of malt [ALE] of Alfaðir <= Óðinn> [POETRY] roars.


[1, 4] slíðrhugaðs jarls ‘of the tough-minded jarl’: (a) Slíðrhugaðr is attested in Anon Liðs 6/5I, and there are plentiful parallels to the cpd, including grimmhugaðr ‘grim-minded’ and harðhugaðr ‘hard-minded’. (b) The R reading jarls slíðrhugar ‘of the jarl of tough mind’ is a less likely construction (see Whaley 1998, 221), and may be due to a misreading of ‘-az’ in an antecedent ms.



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