Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 13II/2 — af

Dǫrr lét drengja harri
drjúgspakr af þrek fljúga
— glœddi eldr af oddum —
almi skept á hjalma.
Létat hilmir hneiti
Hǫgna veðr í gǫgnum
— jôrn flugu þykkt sem þyrnir —
þél harðara sparðan.

Drjúgspakr harri drengja lét dǫrr, skept almi, fljúga af þrek á hjalma; eldr glœddi af oddum. Hilmir létat hneiti, harðara þél, sparðan í gǫgnum veðr Hǫgna; jôrn flugu þykkt sem þyrnir.

The ever-wise lord of warriors made spears, hafted with elm, fly powerfully at helmets; flame sparked from spear-points. The ruler did not allow his sword, harder than a file, to be spared throughout the wind-storm of Hǫgni <legendary hero> [BATTLE]; iron missiles flew thick as thorns.



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